Month: August 2017

Shiver Me Timbers that’s a Long Mini Golf Hole

Shiver Me Timbers That’s a Long Mini Golf Hole   459.5 feet. That is how long the 18th hole is at Shipwreck Golf. It is the longest mini golf hole in the world and holds the Guinness World Record. That is impressive. Experience Cortland dug out our golf glove and set off to see if we could at least make par.   Shipwreck Amusement Center has a scenic mini golf course with a festive pirate theme. There are giant ships, palm trees, plenty of skulls and crossbones, and of course pirates lurking about the course. Each hole is challenging...

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Lime Hollow Exploration

Lime Hollow Exploration   Lime Hollow Center for Environment & Culture encompasses nearly 430 acres of beautiful rolling hills, valleys, forests, fields, streams, numerous ponds, a peat bog, and a great diversity of flora and fauna. With over 12 miles of open trails, Experience Cortland took a morning to explore. We set out from the Visitors Center on McLean Road. There are 5 different parking areas to choose from depending on what trail you want to visit. We choose to park right at the Visitor Center to visit the trail for all accessibility trail and then for the Eric...

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Feeling Hoppy in Willet

Experience Cortland Visits Willet Hop & Grain   As a person who know very little about growing the hops used in the brewing process, despite visiting the Guinness Factory six times, I was excited to make the trip to Willet Hop & Grain Farm to learn more.   In the southernmost part of Cortland County I knew I was getting close to my destination when I noticed buckwheat growing on both sides of the road leading to the farm. But where were the hops? Then, rising from the hills were the towering hops vines or bines as they are...

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Kayaking on the Tioughnioga

Experience Cortland Navigates the Tioughnioga   Whether you pronounce it Tee-off-knee-oh-ga or Tie-off-knee-oh-ga, the Tioughnioga River is just over 34 miles long. The  east and west branches of the river come together just north of the City of Cortland forming the main branch which than continues on through Cortland County becoming a tributary of the Chenango River which flows into the Susquehanna and on to the Chesapeake Bay. The name Tioughnioga comes from a native word for “forks of the river” or “meeting of waters”.   It’s a pretty great river we have here in Cortland County and we...

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Adventures in Geocaching

Inspired by two women who completed the Experience Cortland GeoTour in only 8 hours, I decided enough with the procrastinating and explore the trail myself. Or at least explore portions of it. The Experience Cortland GeoTour features 20 stops that take you all throughout Cortland County. For my journey, I chose 5 stops that I thought would take me to the more unique, less frequented spots in Cortland County. Experience Cortland created our GeoTour early on in 2012 and the popularity has been growing ever since. Each year we welcome travelers from all over, most who specifically travel to...

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