CNY Maple Festival

Marathon, NY

Maple Syrup, Maple Milk Shakes, Maple Pulled Pork Sandwiches, Maple Lollipops, Maple Popcorn, Maple Sugar Candy, Maple Sundaes, Maple Cotton Candy, Maple Tea, Maple Coffee, Maple Elephant Ears, helicopter rides, pancake eating contest, quilt show, maple syrup demonstrations¬†(how it’s made), merry go round, Mountain Men Camp…the list goes on and on.

Blackbird Film Festival

At the Blackbird Film Festival, we strive to curate an inclusive festival atmosphere – an environment where experienced professionals and first-time filmmakers can strike up a conversation and perhaps take something away from one another. Blackbird was originally founded as a festival for student filmmakers but quickly opened its doors to all types of filmmakers in the spirit of collaboration and the sharing of ideas. With this in mind, Blackbird remains a festival geared towards the learning experience and attracts a large number of media production students