There is history to discover in Cortland County.

From the Gilded Age home of an industrial era inventor, impressive archives and intriguing stories, a massive living history complex of trucks to America’s Civil War, and an open-air museum that is a 19th century garden cemetery. Explore the stories that have helped create the Cortland County that it is today.

The 1890 House Museum

Built for late 19th-century inventor and industrialist Chester Wickwire, the mansion at 37 Tompkins Street is a large time capsule that illustrates the lifestyle of the wealthy Wickwire family, the servants, and the story of those who worked at the factory. There are many intricate architectural details, original Wickwire artifacts from photographs, letters, and items from the factory found across the five floors open to the public.

CNY Living History Center

A massive museum complex with a diverse collection from larger than life Brockway Trucks, including a 1925 Brockway Fire Truck that traveled back to Cortland from Argentina, to an impressive 10,000 items collected and curated by the late Ken Eaton illustrating America’s Civil War to rare items of local and national political significance, and the massive collection of antique tractors.

Cortland County Historical Society

Founded in 1925, the Cortland County Historical Society collects, preserves, and interprets artifacts and documents representative of Cortland County’s history.

Cortland Rural Cemetery

Established in 1853, this open-air museum is a beautiful 19th-century Victorian garden cemetery is 50 acres and is the final resting place for 18,000 people. Walk the cemetery yourself with an interactive cemetrail tour and admire the beauty of the headstones and the impressive diverse species of trees to discover those who helped shaped Cortland history.